Ezekiel Mutua Wants ‘Utawezana’ Banned After Viral Video

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The moral cop Ezekiel Mutua is at it again!

The Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) boss has revealed plans to ban the popular hit song ‘Utawezana’ by Femi One and Mejja after a short clip surfaced online of a child referencing to the song’s steamy lyrics.

The video shared by Mutua is a sketch in which a young girl asks his uncle for help with her homework.

But when the uncle asks what he will get in return, the child stands up and puts her arms on her waist, and asks “Nikikupea utawezana?



In his lengthy statement on Facebook, Mutua has termed the song a shallow, bizarre sexual perversion.

Our artistes must not glorify immorality in the guise of creativity. The Okonkwo utawezana nonsense is a shallow, bizarre sexual perversion.

There’s absolutely nothing creative there. That lady would be ashamed to sing such crap before her mother. While comic relief is an integral part of art, it doesn’t have to be dirty or sexualized to be entertaining.

The song released on April 1, currently has more than 2 Million views on YouTube.

Be the judge!


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