Five-Year-Old Pulled Over By Cops When He Was Driving To Go Buy A Lamborghini

Five-year-old pulled over by cops when he was driving to go buy a lamborghini.

An enterprising five-year-old boy who was pulled over while driving his mum’s car in Utah, told the trooper he was on the way to California to buy a Lamborghini.

The unnamed Utah Highway Patrol officer told a news conference that he initiated a traffic stop on what he thought might be a drunk driver or someone experiencing a medical emergency on the southbound 15 Freeway, north of Salt Lake City on Monday.

The police said:

I hit my siren and the car did immediately pull over the left. I approached the vehicle and I was expecting to find somebody who needed an ambulance or paramedics.

The cop added:

And it was pretty clear when the window came down that it was a young, very underage driver.

The boy was perched on the edge of the driver’s seat so that he could reach the pedals.

Through tears the five-year-old explained that he had taken the family SUV after his mother refused to buy him a Lamborghini.



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