4 Things Every Guy Needs To Provide Their Baby Mama

Baby daddies pay attention. 

Whether you are married or not, having a child isn’t easy or cheap. Moreso for the mother. As a man, the bible says that you should be a provider, so ease your baby mama’s stress by making sure you give her these essential things. At the end of the day, it’s your child’s wellbeing you are looking out for.

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1. A car

Your baby mama’s life is hard enough as it is, make sure that she is comfortable when traveling with her child. The best way to do this is to get her her own car, but if you can’t afford one…offer to pay her taxi costs.

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2. A house

Unless you two are living together, make sure to get her her own place. Remember this is the home of your child. Don’t keep her at your mother’s place. Try to do better.

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3. Maintenance money

Your baby mama needs money to eat and feed her child, as well as buy diapers. Keep this in mind as you give her money. Send her money for the month to handle most of her expenses. Whatever amount you are currently thinking, add a zero to that if you can. Life is expensive. If you can’t do number 2 and 3, the least you can do is this.

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 4. Time with the baby.

Spend time with your baby alone at least two times a week. Get used to being alone with your child, so your baby mama can also rest. This way you can also have some quality time with your child.

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