Virtuous Women Would Never Allow Maids To Cook For Their Husbands – Anglican Priest says

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An Anglican cleric has spoken out against women who allow their maids to cook for their husbands.

Rev. Azubuike Mgbikeh, while speaking on Mothers’ Day, March 22, 2020, frowned at women who delegate their responsibilities to their maids.

The priest said one of the qualities of the virtuous woman in the Bible was her ability to cater to the welfare of the family, including preparing food for the husband and children.

According to the Anglican Priest;

“It’s unfortunate that many women don’t know how to cook. That’s why they will start campaigning for househelps as soon as they get married. Don’t allow househelps to cook for your husbands.

“A virtuous woman will not do that. If the househelp must prepare any meals, not soup and stew.”


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