Ghanaian Man Propounds Interesting Calculations To Prove Coronavirus Is ‘666’

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Whilst the world battles coronavirus, some people are also trying to find where it really came from — like really came from.

Most people have likened the outbreak to the biblical ‘666’ that is supposed to happen when the world comes to an end. It got worse when a magnitude 5.4 earthquake hit Croatia.

A Ghanaian gentleman, Reynolds Addo-Labi has also proved the theory that coronavirus is associated with the mark of the beast.

According to him, CORONA is made up of 6 letters and adding up the number each alphabet falls on gives you a sum of 66 hence arriving at his answer 666.

His Facebook post generated quite some engagement after he shared his theory on the platform.

But hey, we are all practising social distancing and everyone has a derived a way to keep sane lol.


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