Faustina Tay, Ghanaian Who Traveled To Lebanon For Greener Pastures Found Dead

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Faustina Tay’s body was found in a car park under her employers’ fourth-storey home in Beirut’s southern suburbs, between the hours of 3 am and 4 am on March 14.

Experts say her cause of death is a head injury as she fell from the storey building and crashed into the ground.

Prior to Tay’s death, she had made several distress calls to an activist group called “This Is Lebanon,” where she reported her incessant abuse.

Aljazeera who first reported the news said that “the doctor found “no marks of physical assault.”

“A search of Tay’s employers’ home found no signs of a struggle, and the death was being investigated as a suicide, according to a police report.”

Back in Ghana, Faustina, 23, had a small Indomie business she used to cater for herself and her family with support from her brother.

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When her intentions to travel to Lebanon for greener pastures grew wild, her brother was not in favour of it. He tried to convince her to change her mind as there have been many stories of abuse against domestic workers in the country but his efforts proved futile.

It did not take long for Tay to regret her decision after she landed in her employer’s house to work.

She complained of being overworked and abused on many occasions. She sent pictures to her condition to her family -a bleeding nose and an inflamed hand.

faustina tay dies in lebanon
Tay sent photos of her abuse to her family.

The Labour Ministry in Lebanon says the Tay’s employers will be blacklisted from applying for domestic workers should there be proof that her suicide was abuse-induced.


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