You Need To See Size 8’s Sitting Room That’s Bigger Than Nairobi Bedsitters

Size 8’s sitting room is bigger than Nairobi bedsitter.

Now that we are all under quarantine it’s very easy to notice what you don’t have in your house and if you never took the time to turn your house into a home then you’re probably not having a pleasant experience.

However, for people like size 8 whose houses are literally big enough to host half of Nairobi, they are living their best lives.

A glimpse at Size 8’s living room left many Kenyans feeling poor, thanks to the decor and furniture in the house.

As her husband DJ Mo continues being quarantined he shared a video of their newly acquired sofas.

Looking at the video one can see that the sitting room is bigger than most bedsitters in Nairobi.

To add to the glamour, is a big screen pinned to the wall.

Check their space out:

1. Very nice couch

size 8

2. Good decor as well


3. Very big space


4. The type of family that hangs photos

size 8

5. Issa mansion



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