Woman Stirs Internet Over Allegedly Owning Cooking Pot Set Worth 320K

A woman identified as Esther Waweru has caused a stir on the internet after she claimed having ownership of a set of cooking pot set worth Ksh 320,000. She claims to have she purchased it five years ago.

She revealed in a popular Facebook Group, Home Beautiful.

According to her, the pots aren’t ordinary. She says she doesn’t need to use cooking oil or water in them while cooking.

As such, she claims she boils eggs in the said pots without water at all.

”I bought my set for almost KSh 320k five years ago and I do not regret it. With these pots you do not need to add cooking oil or water unless you want soup or you are Kikuyu,” she wrote in part.

She went on to state the other benefits she enjoys from her purchase such as low energy consumption.

“You use the lowest heat hence saving on gas. They are temperature regulated, so once the temperature rise above 86 degree, the lid beeps to alert you to reduce the heat so that nutrients are not denatured.”

Her post attracted hundreds of reactions in no time as many wondered how one would spend such a huge sum of money on cookware.

However, she affirms that while it is true she might have wasted the money worth a plot of land, she has no regrets as her health is of utmost importance to her through food.

“My friends said I could have bought a plot with that money. True, but the best investment is my health,” she added.


Below are screenshots of the reactions of internet users to the post:





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