Victoria Rubadiri Opens Up About The Decision That Changed Her Life As A Teenage Mum

Victoria Rubadiri has opened up about the decision she made as a teenage mum.

Citizen TV news anchor, Victoria Rubadiri, opened up on her personal battle after falling pregnant at a relatively young age and how a single decision helped her work towards realising the best version of herself.

Speaking during a special interview on Mother’s day, (May 10, 2020) the renowned media personality picked out the single most important lesson she learned after getting pregnant at just 18.

She narrated:

In terms of thinking about what you had to give up, a lot of times the first thing that jumps into someone’s mind could be a thing or a lifestyle or my social self. But for me, because I got pregnant young, I fell into the stereotypical definition of a single young mum. What I had to let go of was that tag ‘typical single mum’.

She then broke it down further and revealed that she was not going to focus on banishing the tag from other people as she had no control over that. She instead chose to look inwards and actively decided to work on herself.

The decision she made:

I made a conscious decision early on that I will not be that (typical single mum), and as a result, the choices I would make, to who I am now basically determined that.

She further revealed that not wanting her daughter (Neema) to grow up having the residue of her ‘mistake’ placed upon her and for her to feel less than or feel like a second class citizen, was all the motivation she needed to stick to her decision.

She reflected:

Making that decision really helped me bring her up to the person she is now and actually helped me heal. I can now look back at that moment and feel nothing in terms of guilt or condemnation. I truly have grown out of that person and I can now give from a place of healing and wholeness.

Rubadiri emphasised the importance of single mums making the conscious decision to ditch the stereotype from within.

She stated.

Don’t let that moment define your journey or you, come out of it and grow. You can reinvent yourself into anyone or anything.

(H/T Kenyan News)


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