Van Vicker Angrily Blasts Prophet Oduro For Judging Kissing Priest

Van Vicker, an actor and future president of Ghana, has declared war on the unforgiving man of God, Prophet Kofi Oduro.

Van Vicker condemned the man of God’s utterance in a video in which he was reacting to Reverend Father Ricky, an Anglican priest, kissing several pupils at St Monica’s College Of Education.

The actor believes that, while what the Anglican Priest did was ungodly, it does not give another man of God the right to hurl filthy insults at him.
Van Vicker remarked that he does not agree with Prophet Kofi Oduro’s attitude of condemning the priest.

He went on to say that using filthy phrases as a preacher does not set you apart from preachers who molest females sexually.

In other words, the actor believes Rev. Kofi Oduro and Reverend Father Ricky are all sinners in God’s eyes.

After a video of Reverend Father Ricky kissing three female students of St Monica’s College Of Education at a mass went viral, Prophet Kofi Oduro became enraged.

The man of God couldn’t keep his rage in check and spoke some unprintable obscenities at the Priest.

According to Prophet Oduro, the priest had insulted God and mocked Christianity, and the only way to respond was to ridicule him.

Oduro screamed on top of his voice as usual, “The priest’s robe is not for fools. If God has not called you find a gutter to sleep in. If God has not called you look for some ‘ofos’ to sell and stop fooling in the name of God”.


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