Who Was Tyger Booty? The IG Model Found Dead In An Accra Hotel Room

According to multiple sources, Instagram model Tyger Booty was found dead in a hotel room after flying out to vacation in Ghana.

Amid the sad news of the influencer’s death, fans and followers have flooded social media with tributes.

We’re breaking down everything that we know about Tyger Booty and her sudden reported death.


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Tyger Booty was an Instagram and OnlyFans model, boasting almost 600k followers on her account @iamtyger. The influencer is well-recognised for her large tattoo of a tiger, hence her IG handle.

According to multiple sources, Tyger Booty’s real name is Dasani Williams.

Although prominent on IG and Onlyfans, the model also gained popularity after she appeared in short snippets in Tyga’s ‘Taste’ music video, which she highlighted on her Instagram account.

Tyger Booty was originally from Atlanta, Georgia, but often took lavish trips to the likes of Dubai and Phuket, as highlighted on her social media. Most recently, the influencer vacationed in Ghana, where she was reportedly found dead.

The model was also a mother and is survived by her young daughter.


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Several outlets have reported that Tyger Booty was recently found dead in a hotel room while vacationing in Ghana.

The cause of death is currently unclear, though according to the model’s Instagram, it can be confirmed that she was in Ghana this month.

Tyger Booty’s last post tagged Accra, Ghana as the location and was uploaded on December 7th 2021. Likewise, a previous post had been tagged at Bosphorus Restaurant & Cafe, which is located in Accra, Ghana.

On December 5th, the influencer tweeted at the US Embassy in Ghana, further confirming that she was on vacation.


As news of Tyger Booty’s reported death surfaced on social media, fans and friends of the IG model have taken to Twitter and Instagram to pay tribute.



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