“Tonight He Will Chop” Abena Korkor Says As She Reunites With A-Plus

Abena Korkor and Kwame A Plus have trashed their beef as they have met face to face again.

The two have become a nemesis to each other over their social media rants. Abena Korkor and A Plus were first caught in a dramatic social media feud in August 2021. Both mercilessly insulted each other publicly but reconciled later.

However, their peace did not last. The musician turned politician dragged the mental health advocate recently by naming someone she slept with for money. This was after Abena Korkor jabbed him again in a 2022 social media post.

Whilst making up at an event where they met, Abena Korkor who was all excited about their reunion said, “it’s all content, I am learning from him (A Plus), the last time I met him on UTV he didn’t spare me”.

A Plus also laughed along and replied to her comment, he said” you have pressured people in Ghana too much … anyway things don’t concern us too much like that.” Whilst recording their reunion, he added “any way she says content”.

“And this evening he will chop,” Abena Korkor said and burst into laughter before adding that “he has given me $15,000 so he go chop” but A Plus in response said, “she’s telling lies”. Watch their reuinion moment.


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