Thirsty Woman Asks Jaguar To Impregnate Her After Posting Pictures Of His Sons

Thirsty woman has asked Jaguar to impregnate her after posting pictures of his sons.

Starehe MP Charles Njagua, known to many as Jaguar is undoubtedly one of the greatest celebrity dads.

This is evident thanks to the number of times he has come out to prove to the world he loves, cares and would do just about anything for is offsprings.

Jaguar’s last born son turned a year older Saturday, February 8.

Being a son of a honourable member of the community, his big day was marked in the best way possible.

The dad took to social media, shared a photo of the cute son whose name is still a mystery, followed by his best birthday wishes.

Jaguar wrote:

Happy birthday son.

His post excited many people including fellow celebrities and fans who thronged the comments section to wish the young one all the happiness in the world.

One of his female fans decided to pop the question.

Well, while many were busy wishing the kid a happy birthday, one of Jaguar’s female fans decided to shoot her shot.

The lass, identified as Evelyn openly begged the MP to impregnate her so that she could give birth to a cute baby just like his.

She wrote:

Can you impregnate me please?

According to the lady, Jaguar has good genes and she does not mind getting some for her soon-to-come baby.

It is not yet clear if the lady meant it or she was just having fun but judging by her comment and openness, she could be serious.

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