Thirsty Kenyan Men Sent Azziad Naisenya 13k Messages After Her Number Leaked Online

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Tik-Tok queen Azziad Naisenya received over 13,000 messages from thirsty Kenyan men after her number leaked online.

The 19-year-old has been trending on Kenyan internet for the past few days after wooing netizens with her charming smile and most importantly – her boneless waist.

It all began after Azziad took to Tiktok, jamming to Femi one x Mejja’s newest club-banger “utawezana”.

And girl did she kill it!

Within a few hours, the video was all over social media with her waist doing all the magic.

In an interview with EDAILY, the 19-year-old media school student says she received over 13,000 messages on Whatsapp and over 4,000 missed calls on Monday alone.

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“It is weird because they were making fun of me and at the same time, sneaking to my inbox to tell me things, it was horrible but funny at the same time,” she said.

Azziad further reveals that she recently landed a lead role on a soon-to-air Kenyan show.


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