Thirsty Kenyan Men Flock Amber Ray’s DMs After She Was Dumped By Jimal

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Most of us have been wondering, what’s next for Amber Ray after her break up with Jimal? Is she ready to love again? And will she become somebody else’s 2nd wife yet again?

Well, it’s only a matter of time before all these questions are answered. In the meantime, Amber Ray is receiving a lot of offers from men, who are flocking her DM to convince her to be their wife.

Amber Ray however, claims that she needs more time.

One of her fans on her DM wrote;

”Hi Amber Ray. I know am poor and having nothing that I can offer you. I have been admiring you since I was at age of 25 year. Still am in that mood please I love you from my heart nothing else only love…”

Amber posted this on her Insta stories and stated that it’s among the numerous proposals she’s receiving in her DM.

”Small review of my DMs. Lakini ata si mnipee time kidogo… Hii lazima ni bale mpya”

After confirming the break up with Jimal; Amber Ray admitted that she cried, but later on accepted the harsh reality.

She also adds that she’ll not give up on love easily;

”We ain’t giving up na love… Wacha ituue tu????”

Jimal gave himself a break from social media; probably to avoid further damage to his relationship. However, it’s assured that there’ll be no more drama between Amira and Amber; especially now that they live far apart.

Source: Ghafla

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