These TBT Photos Of Timmy Tdat And Other Celebs Prove That Money Is Everything

TBT photos of Timmy Tdat and other celebrities have emerged and let’s just say money is everything.

Are there days you look at celebrities and you wonder when and how did they manage to look this good? You see their throwback photos and you wonder what you need to do to also look that great. There’s no special recipe guys, all you need is money. When you’re living well and you have money you have enough time to go to the gym and work on yourself, go to the salon to do your hair and obviously you have more food. One thing all these people have in common is extra weight, who knew some fat can make you look better?

1. Look at Janet Mbugua, she still looks the same 

Janet Mbugua

2. Joho was clearly taller and skinnier plus he wore actual trousers

Joho 1 1

3. Massawe Japanni has a lot more swag now

Massawe Japanni

4. Timmy T Dat looked like a struggling artist 

timmy t dat 1

5. Willis Raburu just has a “I am happily married” outfit 


6. Can you even tell who Dennis Itumbi is?

itumbi 2 1

The conclusion is, once you get money you can really invest in your physical appearance that no one will recognize you. Money can do great things so work hard people.

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