Tanasha Accused Of Drinking Alcohol While Breastfeeding But Tanasha Has A Response

Tanasha was accused of drinking alcohol while breastfeeding.

No one wants to leave poor Tanasha alone, it seems as if no matter what she does nothing is ever good enough.

Recently, Diamond’s baby mama decided to do an Instagram live and she was mostly attacked for poor network and to make it worse someone noted that she was drinking whiskey and obviously asked why she was drinking while breastfeeding.

When she was asked why she was drinking.

She responded by explaining that her breast milk is inadequate and so she opted to substitute it with formula baby milk so that the baby is well-fed.

image: Nairobi Wire

Naseeb Jnr is only five months old and though doctors recommend that you breastfeed exclusively for 6 months, Tanasha is still being attacked for her parenting choices.

Doctors advise mothers who are healthy to exclusively breastfeed their baby for six months.

But honestly, whether a baby is breastfed or not it’s someone’s personal decision. Does Tanasha even have enough milk to breastfeed after everything Diamond has put her through?

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