How Being A Swahili Lady From The Coast Will Stop Amina From Leaving Jalang’o

Being a Swahili lady from the Coast can actually stop Amina from leaving Jalang’o.

Being a Swahili lady from the coast region means Chao has to persevere whatever struggles she faces – because her family believes this is part and parcel of being a wife.

This was revealed by a close source getting the information from a lady married to one of the men in the boys club!

Wives know about the side chicks.

As seen on the screenshot shared by Edgar Obare, the source claims these wives are aware of their husbands side chicks; but none of the them has ever gathered enough courage to walk out.

Jalang’os wife.

Talking about Amina Chao’s marriage, the source revealed that the young lady cannot go back to her parents home – now that she is married to Jalang’o.

Returning back to her parents will allegedly bring shame upon her family’s name and for this reason, she has no choice but to stick around. The source went on say;

Jalango’s wife knows all this but she is so scared of Jalang’o ile serious koz of where she comes from. Anaambiwa usituaimbishe mwanamke nikuvumilia usituletee aibu, so she stays calm

This may also be the same reason as to why the lady is not on social media.

Jalang’o cheating?

Responding to the cheating allegations, Jalang’o told Tuko this was just another normal WhatsApp chat between him and friends.

It was just a normal WhatsApp chat just like any other group.

This has however left some of Jalang’os fans bashing him for being shameless; yet he is the first one to proudly confess he has a wife.

So far he has been linked to cheating not ones or twice; and unlike before when there was no evidence, this time around he got betrayed by one of his good friends!

But wait, is that Karma knocking on Jalango’s door? Let’s see how he gets himself out of this one!

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