Stop Talking Nonsense & Send Your MoMo Number – Medikal Renews Beef With Strongman

Ghanaian rappers, Medikal and Strongman seem to have reignited their feud, which had been a hot topic of conversation on social media for over two weeks somewhere last 2 years.

Strongman and Medikal’s beef became the most trending entertainment news in Ghana when both artists launched two diss singles for each other, but the feud was put to rest when the two collaborated on a single.

According to the current state of affairs, Ghanaians have yet to experience the second phase of the beef that began in June 2019.

On May 22, 2021, Medikal on United Showbiz made a statement about the numbers he has amassed across all digital channels, prompting Strongman to respond with a tweet.

“Last year if you want the statistics of our works, I can help you with that ….. sake of momo most people won’t be honest……
Never disrespect my hard work
The only difference is you have a movement and I’m alone”

Strongman post

After Strongman’s reaction, Medikal came back to reply telling him to send his momo number disrespectfully.

“Stop this and drop your Momo my g,” Medikal tweeted.

Medikal post



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