Shatta Wale Says At This Point, Ghana Needs 5 Billion Juju Men Before We Can Develop

Ghanaian dancehall artiste Shatta Wale has taken to social media to reveal that Ghana can be able to progress should they allow over 5 billion juju men in the country.

The dancehall artiste who is known for his outspoken nature took to social media to voice out his views on how the country Ghana can be made to work again.

According to Shatta Wale, a lot of Ghanaians have a primitive mindset that retards the growth of the country as well as the people in it.

shatta wale

He further went ahead to call for people to stop working very hard and start working very smart as that is a way they can be able to make money as 50 billion juju men would be needed if that also doesn’t work.

Taking to his Facebook handle to share his views he wrote saying;

“As for Ghana ,if tings go change especaily our mindsets,unless 5 billion juju men oooo..People dem a mindset for this place be too primitive and that’s so sad .Keep working smart (My key to success)Cuz you know you working hard but it’s not reflecting in your pocket sad. !!Have you thot about that …


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