Shatta Wale Advice Young Men “Marriage Is A Scam, It Has Killed Many Great Men”

Dancehall musician reportedly breaks up with girlfriend

Based on his bitter experience when it comes to matters of the heart, dancehall musician, Shatta Wale has cautioned men to think twice about marriage.

Shatta Wale in tears

The popular singer has described marriage as one of the biggest scams reasons why he has called on men to scrutinize their female partners before popping up the big question.

Shatta has disclosed that money should be of the essence to men than marriage as many of them have died through toxic unions.

According to Shatta, why waste time and rush into marriage when you can use your sense to gather all the properties and shelve marriage for when you are 60 years old?

“Look for money and forget marriage for now when you 60 you can marry cuz many married men dey go thru hell but can’t talk. It’s like a death trap…it has killed so many men but not me,” he wrote in a Snapchat post.

“Careful when woman say she love you. Most of them are liars and faultfinders to delay your precious time to go for the bags.”

According to reports from Insiders, the popular dancehall artiste has broken up with his new girlfriend, Elfreda. The news comes in barely two months after the two went public with their relationship.

Shatta who is currently on a vacation in the United States following a successful tour, is out with a new single titled ‘On God’.


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