Shatta Wale’s Mum Storms Hot FM, Warns His Girlfriend During Live Interview (Video)

Shatta Wale‘s mother, Elsie Evelyn Avemagah, ‘clashed’ with the musician’s partner, Magdalene Love Nunoo, on Friday, July 16, 2021.

According to Hot FM in Accra. The musician’s mother, widely known as Mama Shatta, rushed the station during a live interview with Magdalene Love on Ay3 Hu.

Magdalene, better known as Magluv on social media, stepped into the studio to react to allegations made by Shatta Wale’s mother. Mama Shatta stated on Thursday, July 15, 2021, that the Dancehall music singer does not want anything to do with her.

On the same show, she stated that her child was acting this way because Magluv told him she (Mama Shatta) was a witch. Magluv allegedly told the Ayoo hitmaker that the oil she (Elsie) was sending to his residence had a spell that would bewitch him.

Magluv felt obligated to go on the show to explain her side of the story after these allegations were levied against her. On the show, Magluv denied ever referring to Shatta Wale’s mother as a witch. Shatta Wale also pays the rent for her mother’s three-bedroom apartment, according to her.

Shatta Wale’s mother barged into the studio in the middle of her submission, unannounced. According to a video obtained by, the musician’s mother stood for a while before being provided a chair to sit on.

When Mama Shatta was given the opportunity to speak, she told Magluv to stay away from her family since she doesn’t know her and doesn’t want her around her son. Magluv gave a message to Shatta Wale after some back and forth on television, advising him that he should try to reconcile with his mother so that she (Magluv) would not be blamed.


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