Secret Blogger Reveals Whole Truth Behind And Clears Air On Selly Galley’s Alleged Twins Delivery

Selly Galley, a Ghanaian actress/TV personality, was recently rumored to have given birth to twins.

The reports, which were first seen on the Instagram page of the infamous and anonymous blogger, Cutie Julus, quickly went viral, with many believing that this was fantastic news for Selly and her husband Cartel Big J aka Praye Tietia.

According to unconfirmed sources, one of the twins died shortly after Selly gave birth, while the other was very stable and alive.

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In a surprising turn of events, it seems that Selly Galley and Praye Tietia have not welcomed any twins, as indicated by Cutie Juls’ messages.

The anonymous blogger took to the same Instagram page and said that he/she never said that Selly had shipped, as many people thought.

The person behind the account also requested that bloggers always consult him/her for clarifications on something reported on the IG website before reporting on it.

“Dear Ghanaian bloggers, please I did not say Selly has given birth yet. If I write something, come to me for clarification b4 misquoting. I don’t mind you’all not giving me credit but I do worry when your credibility is at stake and worse when my “queenship” self is in involved. I will give you any gist for freeeeee cuz we have them in bulk. I only confirmed the sex of a celebrity child. Never said anywhere that Selly has given birth. I have you the gist about her pregnancy and trust me to give you first hand when she puts to birth. Thank you ???? ❤️,” the caption of a photo of Selly reads.

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