Captain Smart Will Die By End Of April – Prophet Elisha Salifu

The new year is here again and the so-called Ghanaian men of God have started with their doom prophesies.

The latest to have dropped his oracle is the head pastor of the Alive Chapel International, Bishop Elisha Salifu Amoako.

As part of his new year prophecies, Bishop Salifu indicated that popular Ghanaian media personality Captain Smart will be killed by unknown assailants in his house by the fourth month of the year.

“There is an ambush that four people have laid against a radio presenter. If he is going to enter his house, four men will shoot him 30 times and run off on a motorbike. The man is called captain smart, there are four people who hate him and they have employed some Muslim boys that by this year April, he will be bragging that nothing can touch him. But by the time he knows he has become a ghost,” he stated.


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