Romy Jons, Diamond’s DJ Apologizes to Mulamwah for Using His Photo with Ex Carroll Sonnie

Romy Jons, Diamond’s childhood friend and Dj, has apologized to online comedian Mulamwah.

Mulamwah had raised an issue with a photo of him the DJ shared without his permission.

In the photo, Sonnie wore a white outfit as a shirtless Mulamwah stood behind her, clutching her tummy.

The former couple, who have a daughter Keilah Oyando, seemed happy at the time but have since separated.

Jons captioned the photo with a message promoting a male virility drug.

“My brother Romy Jons, please don’t use our photos for business announcements without permission.Especially things to do with male virility and intimacy. Delete it. You are demeaning us,” Mulamwah wrote.

Screenshot Of Mulamwah Sending A Warning To Romy Jons
Screenshot Of Mulamwah Sending A Warning To Romy Jons

The message prompted an apology from Jons, who quickly pulled down the post.

“I am sorry my brother. Let me take it down,” he wrote.

Romy Jons Apologizing
Romy Jons Apologizing

Mulamwah graciously accepted the apology and responded by thanking the DJ.

Source: Tuko

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