Wife Of Richard Agu Finally Spills Beans On Controversies That Surrounded Their Wedding

After the controversial wedding between Richard Agu and Benedicta, the bride has finally broken silence over the brouhaha before they tied the knot in Obuasi.

The controversial bit of the wedding was as a result of the fact that the ex of Richard Agu, Comfort Bliss Gh threatened to stormed the wedding to cause serious mayhem if Richard did not pay back all the monies he took from him when they dated some years ago.

Speaking in an interview with Angel FM, Benedicta said that the controversies surrounding the wedding never bothered her in any way.

Benedicta added that this was so because her husband, Richard Agu, and his ex-girlfriend, Benedicta, who had accused him of dumping her after spending her life savings on him, had actually broken up as far back as four years ago.

She emphasized that she was of a strong conviction that the wedding could not be affected.



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