Girlfriend Of Ray Styles Pens Emotional Farewell Message To Her Deceased Boyfriend

Just recently Ghanaians were put into a state of mourning after the untimely death of young Ghanaian artist Ray styles.

Ray Styles was diagnosed with a liver disease and required a surgery to be performed on him. Although funds were quickly solicited for the surgery to take place, he did not survive,

In a recent development, the beautiful girlfriend of the deceased artist has finally opened up on the final days of his husband.

In a post on Facebook, Felicia penned down a heart-wrenching message that is sure to break the hearts of Ghanaians. She revealed that they prayed really hard about Ray Style’s condition before it even became public for the world to join in praying with them. Yet, he died sadly.

She also wrote that Ray Styles will forever be in her heart. Her post was accompanied by a beautiful photo of them which has her dressed in a yellow outfit.

Ray styles `farewell


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