Mrs Raburu Goes To Church Months After Saying She Didn’t Believe In God

Mrs Raburu has decided to go back to church months after saying she didn’t believe in God.

It ticks about 3 months since the heartbreaking loss of their daughter, Adana, and Marya Prude Raburu is back to church, probably having restored her faith and trust in God once more.

Late December 2019, after losing their unborn baby girl, Marya Prude and hubby, Willis Raburu’s faith in God was shaken.

She endlessly questioned God.

Mrs Raburu questioned God endlessly, questioned his ways upon the ‘innocent’, wondered why it had to happen to her, failing to understand how God treats his faithful…it is a long list.

Her faith was shaken so bad, she at one point dismissed God’s existence and just ways to his own people. This didn’t sit well with Kenyans who questioned her words and actions.

She even got ushered in by Atheists in Kenya to be a part of them because really, God doesn’t exist.

The issue went under for some time as the young couple tried to heal the wounds, collect the broken pieces, patch up their lives back to normalcy and most important, to mourn baby Adana.

willis raburu

Fortunate enough, it looks like taking time off worked as the pair gradually come to terms with their baby’s death, move on and light a candle because there is hope for the future.

Recently, just Sunday the 22nd of March, Marya set foot in church after a month’s-long stay away and it was profound for her.

Sharing a photo from her church service at JCC in Parklands, she sweetly admitted:

Today was my first time to attend church in a long time, walked in and my eyes just welled up with tears, I missed being among brethren, praising and worshiping together.
I had an amazing time.


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