Ponobiom Re-ignites Beef With Shatta Wale, Angrily Blasts Him On Twitter

If we would recall, Ghanaian rapper Ponobiom recently requested Shatta Wale on Twitter for them to stage a beef to heat up the Ghanaian music scene.

Taking to Twitter, he wrote @shattawalegh the system make quiet, lol make i shake u small.

Although this was meant to be a joke, Shatta Wale took it a bit personal as he replied harshly.

In response, Shatta Wale wrote

Hw3 wo Jon, we won’t give hype to underground artistes anymore go look for patapaa dems

This has infuriated Ponobiom who has also lambasted Shatta Wale for taking things personal.

He wrote

“Tweet am again.. Double jon.. Wat i tweet wasn’t insult.. 4ple jon,, u have the longest underground roll in Ghana history 19 yrs minus my 6 yrs go fit born tutulapato.. #gbee,, me di agro wo be gyimi..


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