Nana Ama McBrown Begs Nana Aba To Mentor Her Daughter So She Can Speak English Like Her

Celebrated actress and television presenter, Nana Ama McBrown Mensah has dedicated her 2-year-old daughter to broadcast journalist, Nana Ama Anamoah, for an intensive lesson on how to master the English language.

Known in showbiz as the ‘English madam’, Nana Aba is one of Ghana’s broadcasters with control over the Queen’s language. She has for years mentored several public speakers and media personalities.

Nana Ama Cover
Nana Ama Mcbrown smiling elegantly with baby Maxin

Currently, the manager of GHOne TV, the broadcaster, continues to dedicate her social media pages to educating the public on how to enhance their vocabulary and also correct their little blunders when it comes to speaking the English language.

On Wednesday, November 24, McBrown graced StarrChart, a radio programme hosted by the award-winning broadcaster and after a powerful introduction of her guest, Nana Ama officially asked Nana Aba to teach her daughter, Maxin Mawushi Mensah, how to fluently flow in the English language.

“Can someone find me an English word? Nana Aba, you have to help me bring Maxin up so Maxin can speak like you speak…Better than you,” Nana Ama McBrown asked.

In response to her request, Nana Aba stated that she is ever ready to mentor baby Maxine. She said:

‘Of course, absolutely, she’ll speak better.”


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