My Ex Who Threw Me Out Coz I was Broke Now Calls Me ‘Handsome’- Flaqo

Online sensation and comedian Flaqo has shared his heartbreak story saying his ex girlfriend that threw him out of their house because he was broke now thinks he is “handsome.”

Speaking to Mpasho, the entertainer recalled how it ended between him and bae:

“She threw my clothes outside and it was an embarrassing moment. I had dated her for years and i thank her for supporting me.”

According to Flaqo, he began to “omoka” weeks after their dramatic breakup.

His first video went viral and was well received by Kenyans.

Soon after, he started receiving gigs which bore him fruits.

Upon receiving his first cheque, he wired Ksh100,000 to his ex girlfriend whom he dated for years just to appreciate her for providing for him when they were dating.

“When I was first paid, I sent her 100,000 so that I don’t feel like I owe her anything. Nowadays she texts me ‘hi handsome,” he added amidst laughter.

He says he is now happily single despite having been depressed after the separation.

He has been garnering deals after deals with top companies and is doing great things with the talent since he came to the light.

According to him, some of his favorite works is making celebrity impressions.

And guess what, he loves creating impressions of Kaligraph Jones!

Here is a video of the interview:




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