My 2nd Sermon Is About The Street Life I Am Living Against My Mum’s Wish – Black Sheriff

Kweku Frimpong, better known in showbiz as Black Sheriff (Blacko), the new sensational Hiplife/ Hip Hop rapper and singer, has revealed the inspiration behind his hit single “Second Sermon.”

Black Sherif published the ‘Second Sermon’ song a few days ago as a follow-up to his ‘First Sermon’ song, and it has quickly become the most popular music in Ghanaian media and on other streaming platforms.

The Konongo rapper said in an exclusive interview on Kumasi-based radio station Pure FM’s “Pure Drive” show hosted by Koo Sebor that his “Second Sermon” song is about his decision to live on the street against her mother’s advice.

He explained that the song is about how he left home to build a name for himself on the streets, as well as the personal struggles he had in doing so.

He revealed that he comes from a wealthy family and could have obtained whatever he requires if he had not chosen to live on the streets and rather rely on his family’s income.

The ‘Money’ singer claimed that his mother opposed his decision to leave his luxurious home and pursue the street life he now leads.

Blacko also said that the song’s motivation, if you listen closely, is about the difficulty that an everyday boy living on the streets in the country faces with no hope or support from anyone.


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