M.anifest Uses Big English Words To Refute Claims He Raps In Big English In CNN Interview (Video)

In a new episode of CNN’s African voices, M.anifest is breaking down his life and business as a ‘wordpreneur’ who eats from weaving words over beats to tell stories.

Speaking about his music career and growth, the Ghanaian rapper said “currently I know there’s so much further to go, I know I have not close to even scratch the surface of my potential”.

In the CNN Africa chat named “My Drive With M.anifest” that was recorded whilst he was driving his interviewer outside Accra, he added that “so I am motivated to get into overdrive, no pun intended”.

According to M.anifest, he is not

“the kind of artiste in which I had this one-shot trajectory, so I think my most successful song is going to be next song”.

In the 3 minutes video, he continued that

“if you are talking just numbers, but that’s not what the measure of success is for me”.

The Ghanaian rapper diving into his craft and what is perceived of his flow, has labelled comments that say he uses ‘big English’ as trash rumours.

“The biggest misconception about me is that I use big English,” he said.

Speaking more bigger English (pun intended), he emphasized that

“it’s a very trash rumour that grew legs over that time, over time. Because the power of what I am doing is that it is layered and that on the surface, everybody can understand it”.

According to the ‘Nowhere Cool’ rapper, in the video above

“it is funny, it’s hilarious for the most part, but its a misconception”.

Talking about his music, who was having this conversation whilst his hands were on wheels said, “in my career and my business, my hands are always not on the wheel”.

M.anfest who has announced he is dropping a new album titled Madina To The Universe (MTTU), detailed that one of the things he has learnt is that “the more you able to have other people with expertise and certain strength to take the journey on a different wheel it is fine”.

He concluded that “I know I am the GPS, I know I am the captain”.

M.anifest who revealed he started driving before legally acquiring a Driver’s license, is a proud son of the famous Tsatsu Tsikita, a Ghanaian razor-sharp legal luminary.



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