Kuami Eugene Finally Speaks On His Beef With Guru (Video)

In the past few days, Guru and Kuami Eugene have been trending as the two have been jabbing each other on social media.

According to reports, Kuami Eugene came out to say that Guru has been begging him for a collaboration of which he has refused because of the way he (Guru) has been disrespecting his (Kuami Eugene’s) manager, Richie.

Guru not happy with Kuami Eugene came out and lectured the young artiste making it clear to him that he came intio the limelight before him.

Well, Kuami Eugene has broken his silence on the issue.

Speaking on Kasapa 102.5 FM, the “Angela” hitmaker opined that the issue is not a big one but it is being blown out of proportion.

The multiple award winning singer said the issue is a simple one and he hasn’t disrespected anyone because it is not in him to do so. Moreover, he just came onto the scene.

Kuami Eugene said that his mother taught him not to bite the hands that feed him and that explains why he stood behind his boss Richie Mensah.


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