Khaligraph Jones Had Allegedly Promised To Give KSh 20,000 To One Of His Fans But……

It is irritating how far individuals can go into conning individuals, by impersonating high profile figures or celebrities.

This has been a noticeable trend especially with economies that do not ensure a fair balance financially, for all in society.

More often than not, when these impersonated individuals come to realize what has been going on, they call out the scammers and shame them in public.

The most recent incident was in regard to rapper, Khaligraph, where a tweep, impersonated him promising the first 30 individuals to comment on the tweet, a sum of Ksh 20,000 each.

With a complete online profile of the Kayole-bred rapper, the tweet read:

For the love that you’ve shown me ever since I started singing until today. From a cypher rapper in Kayole to the best rapper in Nigeria. I have decided to give out 20k to 30 people. Kindly comment with your Mpesa/Account No.

Taking into consideration the turmoil the world is currently facing, the tweet closed off:

Stay safe during this tough times. We will overcome.

So accurately befitting the present-day of a global pandemic with economies of the world shaken, nationals sent home unsure of how to feed their families, the tweet was just so timely.


Only for it to turn out a fraud after Khaligraph woke up to 200 missed calls from Kenyans, prodding him about the promised sum they were yet to receive.

Blasting the tweep, the rap act asked fans to keep calm because that was not him and with the tough economic times, he really didn’t have that kind of money to dish out.

Fake Account Alert, ????????????, Kindly stop Blowing up my phone, I Woke up to 200 missed calls today, Corona Virus has affected us All, There is no money ???????????????????? #respecttheogs

After the public announcement, his online fans could only laugh out loud.

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