A sizzling conversation between Ghanaian reggae/dancehall artiste Stonebwoy and American singer Keri Hilson proved it was not just a business deal but a great connection between the two.

I personally admired Keri’s ability to recollect some of the conversations they had in the past — a bond like this means the two really enjoyed each other’s company while working on the song, “Nominate.”

During the conversation, Keri mentioned that had it not been Stonebwoy, she would have never installed the popular messenger app known as WhatsApp.

Even though WhatsApp is a product of an American company, the majority of the citizens use iMessage since Apple’s iPhones are the most used smartphones in the country and so did Keri Hilson.

Keri Hilson Recounts How Stonebwoy Made Her Install WhatsApp On Her Phone For The First Time

However, upon meeting Stonebwoy, she decided to install WhatsApp Messenger to stay connected with Stonebwoy and communicate effectively.

If you do not see the big deal here, ask yourself why Stonebwoy [who is seeking Keri’s service] rather did not migrate to iMessage himself.

Anyway, the ‘Anloga Junction’ album is out and Nominate is on it.