It’s Been 12 Wonderful Years With My Husband Though He Is 30 Years Older Me – Kafui Danku

hana’s celebrated actress, Kafui Danku, has disclosed that she is not moved by trolls commenting on the age gap between herself and her Canadian husband, Kojo Pitcher.

Age they say is just a number when it comes to matters of the heart, however, a section of the public continues to have an issue with Kafui Danku’s decision to settle with the man of her dreams who is over 30 years older than her.

kafui danku husband

In her latest response to a critic who teased her for marrying an ‘old man’, the actress noted that it is time for people to get used to their endless love.

“I’ve found another hilarious comment under one of my cute pictures. Charley can this older man have some quiet and peace already It’s been 12 years of sharing wonderful moments with an Angel on earth. Get used to it,” she wrote in response to a comment from a follower who described her as an “old man’s sweetheart”.

The Ghanaian actress and her husband, Kojo Pitcher, have two children together, named Baby Lorde and Titan.


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