Joyce Dzidzor Clears Air On John Mahama Being Her Boyfriend

Joyce Dzidzor Mensah also debunked reports that she was the lover of former president John Dramani Mahama.

“I have nothing to do with him, he is not my friend, he has not given me any money ever before.

The only time we got to meet while I was serving as an AIDS ambassador was when we were launching something,” she said.

Joyce also said that one of the reasons her contract with the AIDS Commission was terminated was because of jealousy.

“They didn’t know I will go far with my duties, I did my work so well that it attracted other firms outside Ghana who wanted to work with me and they didn’t like it.”

Highlighting on the trending test she took which came out positive on national TV, the actress has this to say;

“My children are going through a lot, they cannot go to school; I recall one day my son came home from school saying that I should stop the HIV project because they call him the ‘AIDS boy’ in school.

“Just recently, my daughter, who got admission into a school, was sent home because according to a mail sent to me by the authorities they read on the internet that I have HIV. My question is should a child be denied access to education because of HIV even if it is true?

“Yes, I made a mistake by taking on this task and I didn’t know it will hurt my children this way. My children do not have anything in their blood. I want my life and my children’s back and that is why I am going to all these lengths to clear the air


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