Joey Muthengi Says She Is Tired Of Kissing Frogs, Now Wants To Settle Down

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Former 10/10 presenter Joey Muthegi says she is now ready to settle down after kissing a lot of frogs along the way.

The 35-year-old, who was once rumoured to have dated retired Kenya footballer MacDonald Mariga, denies the allegation insisting she has been single for quite some time now but wants to settle down.

She further revealed that they first met during the audition of the popular BetIn TV and outdoor adverts and have since remained good friends.

“I met him at the audition, I didn’t know him before that but he’s such a good person. He has such a great heart, very humble, very generous and he made me free comfortable throughout the whole process.”


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She used to have a check list of her ideal man but after kissing a few ‘frogs’ she now wants someone with good vibes and who can add value to her life.

“I used to have all this checklist, this tall, this complexion, this much money and I have dated all those different types of guys. You just find that, that doesn’t mean the relationship is going to be successful. Now I just want good vibes and someone who adds value to my life,” Joey added.

Joey said she has had more bad dates than good ones.

Source: NairobiNews

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