Jalang’o Defends Infidelity, Says There Is A Reason Why One Cheats

Media personality and Kiss FM co-host Jalang’o has spoken on infidelity, saying that there is always a reason why one may cheat on their partner.

According to him, couples must be best friends and companions in order to lower the chances of cheating from happening.

He added that cheating is lowest form of disrespect a partner can do to the other.

Saying this on air during his Morning Kiss show, he said:

“Cheating in marriage is the lowest you can go. But what people should understand is that there is always a reason why people cheat.”

According to the entertainer, the solution to solving this problem is first of all understanding why it happened in the first place.

“Understanding why people cheat is one way to identify a solution and fix it,” he said.

With or without reason? Is the act justifiable? People are different.

And most cheaters have sharpened their skills at covering their tracks. They will cheat right under your nose and pretend like it never happened.

But one thing Jalang’o said is right. Marry your true companion, your best friend at best. This way, the relationship is likely to maintain its health because you see more than their body.



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