If Your Man Doesn’t Post You, Take His Phone & Post Yourself – Delay Tells Women

Deloris Frimpong-Manso, aka Delay, has revealed what women must do to declare their existence in a relationship and take control of it.

According to her, any woman out there wasting time waiting for her boyfriend to post her on social media or introduce her to the public as his significant other is a waste of time.

Delay has urged women in a tweet to do what they need to do if their husbands are not ready to publish or reveal their faces to the world.

Delay has urged the ladies to take the bull by the horn in order to avoid any internal wranglings that may arise as a consequence of the guy not wanting to put the woman’s face out there, maybe for his own protection.

According to her, every woman who has yet to be introduced or posted by her guy should take his phone, go live, and announce herself.

That will undoubtedly be the best approach to show your invisible opponents that you are big and in command when it comes to your guy.

Delay, who is not married at the age of 39, feels it is the ideal method for any woman to give a clear message to her guy that “if you are not ready to post me, I have done it all by myself.”

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