Nursing Mum Cries As Husband Always Uses Her Bre@st Milk For Gari Soakings

A lactating mother has lamented how her husband’s out of the box experiment with her breast milk has now become his addiction.

The unnamed lady shared her concerns with marriage counsellor, Joro Olumofin revealing that her husband once decided to drink gari soakings with her breast milk which started off as a joke and ever since then, he is overly grown fond of the new combination.

She said for the sake of peace, she has been squeezing out her milk for the husband and now he even competes with their baby over who has the most in a single day, a situation which is eating her up.

Her post read in part;

“I put to bed some months back and husband drinks my milk and he’s now addicted. I have started squeezing for him and my baby.

I gave birth to a beautiful healthy child. My husband has been good. He doesn’t allow me move a finger at all.

It started one night, he was hungry and asked me if there was milk for garri and groundnut and I said no. I jokingly said he should use my bre*st mik.

Jokingly o. Just joke. I slept off. In the morning I woke up and saw the milk in the fridge reduced.

I asked him and he said he used it with the milk and groundnut and he loved it that I should squeeze more for him. I thought he was joking. He wasn’t. I did reluctantly and he has been addicted to it.

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