Heartbroken Lesbian Who Went Viral Finally Speaks Up And It’s Shocking

Just some few days ago, a video of two Ghanaian lesbian partners went viral.

In the said video, one of the girls indicated that she was fed up and as such wanted to quit the relationship in order to marry a man.

The other partner in an attempt to avoid her from breaking up was spotted begging on her knees as she claimed she was still in love with her fed up partner.

The lady pleading could be heard saying that she bought a car and make sure she provides everything for her partner so why would she decide to leave her?

Kofi Tv interviewed the two viral ladies and they have disclosed it is a movie they’re shooting.

According to them, they thought over it and planned to make Ghanaians and other countries get to know their upcoming movie. So for all the folks out there that were busily blasting them, it was just a stunt.

Watch the interview below



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