A Hater Made Fun Of Awiti’s Looks From Real Househelps Of Kawangware And This Was Her Savage Response

A hater made fun of Awiti’s looks from real househelps of Kawangware and this was her savage response.

The Real Househelps of Kawangware actress Winnie Ruby aka Awiti is not the woman anyone should dare mess with and she is never afraid to prove that.

A daring social media user lashed out at the starlet and immediately regretted her big mistake.

She posted a hot photo of herself. 

Awiti posted a cute photo of herself clad in a hot, red ensemble that included a lovely crop top. Her body was banging and her hips could not lie.


The actress was looking like a fine plus size model who was about to strut on a walkway.

People could not get enough of her outfit.

Most of the thespian’s followers could not get enough of the outfit and complimented her curves and edges while they admired her picturesque body.

But as usual, a hater lurked in the comment section waiting for the perfect moment to pounce and let out her venom.

The lady identified as favoured Sharon.

The lady identified as Favoured Sharon claimed the dress did not flatter Awiti’s looks and she did not look presentable in it.

Well, the TRHK star was not about to go down without a fight and hit back with a vengeance.

She said she was aware she looked better than her critic before going to Sharon’s page to fish for an embarrassing photo.

Awiti said:

I know I look better than you.

The mother of one returned with more ammunition and posted Sharon’s photo on her page with an interesting caption.

The actress notified her fans that was the woman who decided to bully her and poke fun at her looks before looking at herself.

she wrote:

The world is so funny. If this is someone who has the guts to call me ugly then I do not know what to say. If you looked like Azziad then maybe I would fall back.

The gorgeous, bubbly actress has always been protective over herself and her friend Njambi.

She is also fiercely loyal and was with Njambi throughout her pregnancy and during her delivery date. Awiti spreads cheer wherever she goes and never involves herself in unnecessary drama.

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