Ex-Tahidi Actor Eddy Says Omosh Refused To Move To His New House Saying ”Ni Mbali Na Iko Ushago”

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Former Tahidi High actor Eddy, born Kelvin Onyiso, has urged fellow star Omosh, born Joseph Kinuthia, to seek medical attention before proceeding with anything else.

The actor turned content specialist was spotted by OMG replying to a message criticising Omosh, saying he had cost artiste a chance even to get loans.

Reacting to the post, Onyiso disclosed a lot about Omosh that many did not know, including that the actor seriously needed rehab, but that was ignored when he became rich.

Now that Omondi has spent all his newfound riches, Onyiso said he is quick to pick calls because he needs help with cash, and rehab is the only that can save him.

Confirming the allegations, Onyiso disclosed a lot regarding his relationship with the actor and how it is not easy because Omosh only cares about getting his next fix.

Onyiso said fellow Tahidi High actress Shish, born Shirleen Wajari, assisted in finding a Nacada official named Philip was ready to ensure Omosh went through a three-month rehabilitation process.

Onyiso said he had told Omosh’s second wife, Shanty Mumbi, about advising her husband to go to rehab, which was a call away, and she had promised to do so but never did.

“I had talked to Shish and she said the man willing to take Omosh on rehab even knew that the money would soon disappear and urged me to ensure that we join hands in helping him but he never came along,” Onyiso said.

Onyisho was surprised to visit Omosh a couple of weeks later, only to realise that Omosh had no money, and after a small talk, he realised that he was now hoping to get pledges that people had put forward.


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He urged them to move to their home, built recently by well-wishers, but the couple refused, claiming that the new home was in a rural area, and Onyisho believed they would sell it eventually.

“When I heard the recent stories, I thought Jalang’o was yet to pay him. I had always written scripts waiting for Omosh to get the money and by equipment. I urged his wife to move to the new house and they called it “mbali and ushago”. I said they could have agreed to buy a small car and make a mabati house and live there because there were there,” he added.

The actor said Omosh’s story had made Tahadi High actors look bad, but he said it is one of the isolated incidents as of them were doing great with examples like Abel Mutua, Sarah Hassan and Ferdinand Omondi.

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