Emmy Kosgei Accused Of Insulting Kalenjin Men Saying They Are Poor In Seducing Women

Emmy Kosgei has been accused of insulting Kalenjin men and saying they are poor in seducing women.

Kalenjin gospel singer Emmy Kosgei has backtracked her sentiments and said she did not insult men from her tribe in any way during an interview on Facebook.

The singer was criticized by her fans for saying Kalenjin men are shy and rarely have the strength to hit the nail on the head.

Emmy Denied these allegations.

According to the 39-year-old singer, she is a Christian woman with values and morals and would never throw around such thoughtless words willingly.


She also said she is proud of her heritage and has won it like a crown for 16 years ever since she ventured into gospel songs.

She said:

Being a daughter of a very great and respected leader in Kalenjin community that would tell my upbringing. Having being in public for 16 years I believe I can never go on live interview and talk words that demean a community.

She referred to that as unethical and urged her followers not to be part of the conversation going on in social media. 

The musician said she was discussing positive issues during the interview and never in any way fight men from her community.

The wife of Nigerian pastor Ansel Madubuko added that she is not capable of being tribal or trivial. Previous reports stated she referred to men from her tribe as shy and introverted.

No Kalenjin man asked for her hand.

Apparently, she told the interviewer no Kalenjin man approached her and proposed to marry her.

She said:

There is no Kalenjin man who came to me and told me they want to marry me. This is why sometimes one sees something is good but fails to speak up. An example is a pan, you feel like having it but you do not put it in actions and when the pan is taken away by another person, you start questioning why.

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