Edgar Obare Escapes Death By A Whisker After Food Poisoning (Photos)

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Edgar Obare is a lucky soul.

The Controversial blogger survived food poisoning after having  sea food at a popular city restaurant on Saturday, September 5.

After receiving emergency treatment, Obare went ahead and shared his scary ordeal.

A screenshot of his receipt showed that he had ordered Apple juice, Chai Latte, Presto Chicken, Prawns Tagliatelle and a bottle of water.

“Doctor said I was having an anaphylactic shock and I came very close. Thank you to that Naivas chemist and Nairobi Hospital for saving me,” he stated.

His dramatic episode happened moments after he wrapped up his meal, with the first danger sign coming in the form of an itchy throat and teary eyes.

He then developed breathing complications, “I have hives all over my neck and it’s itchy. I stand up to go downstairs to the counter to get some water. I go to the bathroom and see my face in the mirror is all swollen and my eyes are bloodshot,” he narrated.

It was at this point that he realised how bad the situation. He immediately signalled his friend and asked to be rushed to the nearest hospital.


Their first stop was at a clinic at Capital Centre along Mombasa Road, however, they got there at 4:30 p.m. and found that the health centre was closed for the day.

After using Google to try and find the nearest hospital, the two then rushed into the supermarket located within the same building and purchase two antihistamine tablets at the chemist counter.

Obare hurriedly placed the tablets under his tongue as per the chemist’s advise.

The two then made their way to Nairobi hospital where Obare received injections of chlorpheniramine, hydrocortisone and cotipred.

After an estimated two hours on the hospital bed, the emergency treatment proved effective as the inflammation was finally under control.

Edgar Obare At Nairobi Hospital
Edgar Obare At Nairobi Hospital

Obare was quick to thank the doctors who saved his life, and revealed that they told him that his allergic reaction could have ended badly were it not for the emergency medication he received at the supermarket.

Food poisoning is caused by bacteria and viruses present in food with certain foods having a higher exposure risk than others.

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