I Don’t Cane My Kids When They Go Wrong, I Pray For Them – Diana Hamilton

Ghanaians Gospel sensation, Diana Hamilton has indicated in a recent interview that that she does not see the essence of caning her children.

Speaking on Kastle FM’s Amansan Krakye, the singer revealed that her parents never caned her, so she does not even consider doing it to her children.

“It’s so funny that my mum and dad never lashed me when I was growing up. So for me caning isn’t the first thing when it comes to how I would like to discipline my kids,” she explained.

“There are other ways we can use to discipline children when it comes to ensuring their proper upbringing. By God’s grace we’ll continue to pray for our kids because I always say that my mother prayed us into life,” Diana continued.

“My mum never used a cane on me but due to her prayers for us and once in a while using the cane to hit the table but never touched us with the cane,” she disclosed.

“We were very careful not to offend our mother and that’s what we plead with God to help us to be able to lead our children but there are other ways that can be used to discipline a child without necessarily using a cane or hitting them with your hand,” the UK-based singer concluded.


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