Diamond Is A Mama’s Boy! Tanasha Donna Confirms

Diamond is a mama’s boy and Tanasha Donna has finally confirmed it.

After Wema Sepetu, Zari and Hamisa Mobetto complained about Mama Dangote being too involved in her son’s relationships; many thought this was joke!

In fact there are those who went on to strongly defended the superstars mother saying Diamond Platnumz probably dumps his women for disrespecting his innocent mum.

Mama Dangote was too involved.

However thanks to an up close interview between Tanasha Donna and True Love magazine; we finally got a chance of understanding who Mama Dangote was to Tanasha and her relationship with Diamond Platnumz.

Tanasha speaks about boundaries.

Well, it turns out that Mama Dangote is the opposite of what modern mother in laws look like! According to Tanasha, her relationship with her son’s father couldn’t work because mama Dangote was too involved!


According to Tanasha, at first she tried being the humble daughter in law by letting the lady walk all over her! This was because she never wanted to pull any stunts that would be dubbed disrespectful.

Diamond Platnumz a mamas boy.

As for Diamond Platnumz, he never saw any need of asking his mum to respect his lover at any given time.

Judging from the interview Tanasha hints about her man not standing up for his woman despite knowing that his mum was cruel to her!

Zari talked about this issue about 2 years ago – however fans felt that she was being bitter for being played; so with this happening in Tandale, will Diamond really find himself a wife he can stand up for? Or is it just a game?

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