Diamond Appiah Sues Mona Gucci & Media General Over Defamation

Diamond Appiah, a Ghanaian entrepreneur and former politician, has sued Mona Gucci and Media General for defamation.

On Monday, June 14, 2021, the lawsuit was filed.

Diamond Appiah and Mona Gucci’s rivalry began after Mona Gucci stated on her show that Diamond Appiah was adopted from an orphanage because her father is impotent.

Mona Gucci also said that Diamond Appiah is not as affluent as she says and that everything she boasts about is not hers.

Diamond Appiah chose to sue Mona Gucci for defamation as a result of this.

The defendants have been given eight days to have an appearance recorded in their favor.

The writ of summons issued by the Accra High Court is shown below

Diamond suit


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